M Family : A Family Session // Lehigh Valley & Poconos Family Photographer

All I can think about is summer sun.

Birds singing in the sky, the feel of the warm wind through your hair. The smell of that fresh summer grass and flowers basking in the glow of that beautiful golden sunset.

And in the midst of it all, I can't wait to capture families holding each other close, or racing together through the fields. I want to follow your explorers and your dancers, your little wild wanderers. I want to watch their faces light up when they find you a... flower, and see their hands reach for yours as they lead you on another adventure.

And then when the day is done, their energy spent, I want to watch the way they melt into your arms. You brush the hair from their faces and cup their chin in your hand, knowing this, and only this, is what makes life worth living.

Summer is so close, so close friends. I can feel it.

Will I be there to photograph your memories?

Let the music play...