Grace: Fresh 48 // Lehigh Valley & Poconos area Newborn Photographer

I am SO behind on blogging. 

Time always gets away from me, but I'm making a mid year commitment to blogging at LEAST once a week. I got this.

In the meantime, what better way to start than right here, with this little chunk?!

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this sweet baby girl just 48 hours after arrival, hanging with her incredible parents as they snuggled her close and enjoyed that fresh new baby scent. Not only did I have the pleasure of holding her little chubby baby body close to mine while mom and dad got some much needed R&R, she and I got to watch April the Giraffe give birth! I admit I was invested in this giraffe since the beginning, and knew she was in the early stages of labor when I left for the hospital. Lucky for me, Grace's mama was waiting for that sweet four legged baby to arrive just as eagerly as I was, and it was such a special moment to watch new life being born as new life laid before us <3 I love.this.job.

My favorite part of these sessions is always the ease of them. No stress or need for absolute perfection. This is real life, and it's my favorite thing to document.