GUEST BLOGGER : My Valor & Vine Experience

 Part II  :  Picture Day


Our session took place on a beautiful.. 

…. hot   


…sticky day. 


We excitedly got up that morning and I did my best to get the three of us ready for our session! It seemed like a good idea not to put my babies in their planned outfits just yet. Somehow I knew there would be a diaper blow out, a potty accident, or the snacks I used to bribe my toddler into being excited would be all over his clothes. 


We arrived at the studio and Jess thoughtfully had some kid toys around so my 2 year old was happy & occupied as we waited for our session time. 


Meanwhile, I was able to try on the dress I had picked out of the Client Closet. I brought the appropriate under garments which is crucial if you don’t want to worry about hiding straps or keeping dress options open. After trying on the dress I realized it wasn't exactly looking the way I wanted it to but there were plenty other options so I grabbed the first dress that caught my eye and it was a perfect fit! I got the kids dressed and we were all set to head up to the studio!


Being a brand new mom of two, it was quite intimidating to be outnumbered by my own children and trying to wrangle everyone into the photos. Jessica, like the pro mom she is, knew just the right things to get my 2 year old to smile and interact with the camera. Inside I felt a little frantic and felt there is no possible way we could get a good shot with the baby squirming, toddler being…a toddler and me trying to hold it all together. As Jessica was snapping away she was continually reassuring we were getting great shots and passed her enthusiasm along to me. 


As someone who is used to being in front of the camera I know how truly important it is to feel comfortable and relaxed. If not, it will show through in your photos! Jessica was amazing at putting me at ease. As time passed, we got closer to nap time, the baby needed to feed, my curls were giving into the humidity, Jess was along for all of it. Despite everything I was up against we were left with beautiful photographs that I will treasure forever. 


In my experience with Valor & Vine I learned that Jessica is not only an amazing artist when it comes to her photography but has the amazing art of drawing people out, putting them at ease and capturing all the perfect moments amongst the chaos. 



After photo day, what comes next? 


Stay tuned for my experience in making these memories part of our home!