Anchor Up to Me, Love : Lehigh Valley, PA Elopement & Wedding Photographer

Taught the hand that taut the bride
Both our eyes lock to the tide
We went in circles somewhere else….

I haven’t blogged in so long. And I hate that.
But for this session I had to take the time.

It hadn’t visited this spot since 2017. It’s a STEEP hike, and requires muscles that I admit I don’t have. But the view from the top? 1000% worth it.

I had a vision for this session the moment I decided a trip “up” was necessary for some future projects. I wanted to see a simple gown of white, a crown perched on platinum curls, a bouquet of muted color, and a veil of length and flow. A Queen in her own right, but still soft and tender with the one she loves. I’ll admit, once I latch onto an idea, I run with it full fury, and had the pieces put together faster than I could climb the mountain itself, haha!

While brutally hot, and with the sun hidden behind clouds most of the time, I was absolutely in love with the results as I watched my vision come to life. I adore the fact that we were able to shoot in the blue hour, which is the hour after the sun sets. I so rarely get to stretch my wings and shoot in that kind of light and I love the dreamy feel it gives to the photos towards the end of the evening. Like something from a different time and place.

It’s never an “easy” feat to shoot in conditions where the ground isn’t exactly flat and your footing needs to be planted and sound. But I love the challenge, the depth of emotion, and the mood - and I will never say no to any feat when the results speak so loudly to my heart. I am nothing if not a hopeless romantic, willing to follow love wherever it may roam, and the photos we captured between Britton & LeeAnn make my heart sing. That is all I want from my job. Photos that inspire me to feel things so deeply and so intensely.

I hope you can feel it too

Let that music play…

Models : LeeAnn Lilly & Britton Hubbard
Associate Shooters - Liz Larsen & Richard Fenon

Floral bouquet : Thistle Bee the Florist
Hair and Makeup : Alisha Nycole & Co