Cozze Wedding : Lehigh Valley, PA Wedding Photographer

I can tell you that the entire week before the Cozze's got hitched, up until the morning of, it was calling for 100% chance of rain and thunderstorms. I admit, I was getting a little nervous, knowing Chantelle & Frank planned to exchange their vows outdoors on Cozze family property. 

In calling Chantelle a few days before, I reminded her we'd need to prepare for anything. And you know what? She had no worries whatsoever. She just wanted it to be about her and Frank, nothing else mattered. 

And you know what else? Aside from some clouds and some sprinkles here and there, the sun shined brilliantly

Both Chantelle & Frank are easy going, genuinely HAPPY people. Huge hearts, even bigger smiles. Every single decoration was handmade by the two of them with love, from the arbor to the signage. Personal touches were spread throughout every nook and cranny. Oh and their dogs? I don't know that you could find a more loyal pair. They followed their mom and dad all day long, watching over them or sitting near them during all the important aspects of their day.

Their families surrounded them with joy and laughter, and it was truly a pleasure to witness. I don't know that we've ever had such an easy, care free day. And I'm so happy to share some highlights from their wedding day with you <3

Photography - Valor & Vine Photography
Florist - Jackie Cozzubbo
Cake & Desserts - Amy Cozze, Cozze Cakes
DJ - Gabriel Francis
Catering - Aioli Food Truck
Hair & Makeup - Paula Singer, Alisha Nycole Co
Gown - Bella's Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses - David's Bridal
Men's Attire - Men's Warehouse
Photobooth- Dan's Camera City

Let that music play, a song that is very special to both the bride and groom!


Kane Wedding : Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

It was an unexpectedly cool and misty day in May...

...and we loved every minute of it.

Kimberley and Michael created a calm and natural atmosphere on the day they exchanged vows, choosing to accept the rain and roll with the punches, pulling out umbrellas when necessary. The mist and fog added such depth and mood to their day!

All day long there were easy smiles, quiet laughter, and tender moments. Both bride and groom are kind, laid back individuals and I think that gentle touch is apparent all throughout the crisp and clean ambiance.  Having to scrap a few plans due to the rain, I was so happy that the weather held off long enough for us to sneak outside and capture some of the rolling hills of Olde Homestead Golf Club! The barn lit up with a rustic vibe as they danced the night away.

We thoroughly enjoyed capturing the Kane's as they began a new chapter as husband and wife and are so excited to share some highlights from their day!

Make sure to let their first dance song play as you scroll through <3

Photography - Valor & Vine Photography
Venue - Olde Homestead Gold Club
Florist - Sarah from Allium
Cake & Desserts - Hellertown Bakery
DJ - Gruvin Enterprises
Hair & Makeup - Meraki Beauty
Catering - Olde Homestead
Gown - All Things Bridal : Quakertown
Bridesmaid Dresses - Weddington Way
Men's Attire - Men's Warehouse
Favors - Clusters Handcrafted Popcorn

Taylor Wedding : Lehigh Valley & Poconos Wedding Photographer

THIS wedding. This wedding. You can't possibly know how special it is to me.

Back in Dec 2015 (2015 y'all!) I met Shelbi and Kenny at Beltsville Lake to take their engagement pictures while Kenny was home on leave. We laughed, we froze, we made magic.

After delivering their gallery, I received an email from Shelbi asking if I'd be willing to shoot their wedding. I LOVE couples, I love weddings, but I didn't believe in myself enough to deliver on such an important day.

But Shelbi did.

She wrote back such  a kind, sweet message, telling me she had all the confidence in me that I didn't have, and from that moment on - I was a wedding photographer.

I trained, I prepped, I studied. I did everything I could to make sure that I captured their day in a way that did them justice. Shelbi and Kenny are such loving, easy going, genuinely GOOD people. And I think the details of their day show it. 

The sun was in and out, and the morning's rain brought the perfect cool temperature. There was genuine LOVE everywhere, in every tiny detail. Every guest on their feet, laughing, hugging, dancing. This is what weddings are all about. The people you love surrounding you and celebrating your new beginning. This was as heartfelt as it gets.

And then the quiet moments, where we steal the two of you of you away, and you get to hold each other close. You melt into each others arms because today, this day, is everything you've ever hoped it would be.

My heart rejoices for so many reasons, but most of all, because two people became one in one of the most genuinely HAPPY weddings I've ever been to. I wish you both nothing but the absolute best.

Please enjoy a small sampling of the Taylor's Wedding Day.
...and let their wedding song play while you view <3