Fuller Family : Lehigh Valley & Pocono Area Family Photographer

Ahhh families. You know they make my heart sing.

The sun was so warm and inviting on the day I met the Fuller's. It had been wet and rainy for FOREVER and a day in the days leading up to our session, so I was especially excited to finally feel that summer sun! These three had sunny dispositions to boot, totally relaxing and inviting spirits, and completely comfortable in each others arms. I had the pleasure of bringing my oldest son along with me to play assistant (he earns a little bit of summer cash by holding my bags and blankets for me during my shoots) and is also great at playing peekaboo with the little ones to bring out some extra sweet smiles!

So much warmth and happiness here! I hope you enjoy! (and let that happy music playyyy)

S Family : A Family Session // Lehigh Valley & Poconos PA Family Photographer

It was cold. And windy. And the light left us so quickly. But there was love...oh was there love <3

Family sessions are among my absolute favorites to photograph. There is a genuine happiness and a realness that make each session such a joy. It's not always easy and circumstances are rarely perfect, but I love when families come to me and trust in my vision regardless. That's when the magic happens.

This session was done with my two favorite people in the industry, and it ended up as a mini of sorts...believe it or not little man was not feeling his best and the chill was making it difficult for everyone to feel comfortable. BUT in that thirty or so minutes that we got to shoot? Pure love, pure laughter. That's all that matters.

Friends, let go of any expectations. Let it be an experience. I think when you look back in 10, 20, 50 years you'll realize that photos were never about remembering what you looked like. It was always about remembering who you were.

Let the music play for extra goodness while you view!