My approach is simple...

This is your story, told through my lens. That means that you and I work together to plan out every detail of your session, from location to wardrobe and everything in between.

My goal is to capture what's true. True laughter, true smiles, true feelings for one another. I will lead you through the entire process, prompting you to play and to laugh so that the emotions you feel are genuine, and the reactions we capture will take you back again and again. There's nothing to it, just place your trust in me and I will make this an experience you (and maybe even your husband?!) will actually enjoy.


My promise...

I know there are a lot of options when it comes to family portraits, wedding photography, and the like. So whenever someone contacts me, I realize that they're putting trust in me to do something special, telling their story in a unique way.

My promise to you as your photographer is that I will never miss a moment, I'll always be watching. And while you're experiencing that magic memory that is one breath away from being gone forever...just know that I'll be there to capture it.

I will be the one to capture your family holding each other close, or racing together through the fields. I want to follow your explorers and your dancers, your little wild wanderers. I want to watch their faces light up when they find you a flower, and see their hands reach for yours as they lead you on another adventure.

And then when the day is done, their energy spent, I want to watch the way they melt into your arms. You brush the hair from their faces and cup their chin in your hand, knowing this, and only this, is what makes life worth living.

I'll be there for it all...if you'll let me.