Before your session, there will be a lot to plan for! Where, when, how. All these questions need answering, and I'll be your guide through it all.

After booking your session with a deposit and signed contract, we move on to the planning phase. We choose a location based on your vision and style, and then move on to planning wardrobe. I have tons of beautiful and unique dresses that fit various sizes, and would love to meet up for a fitting! If you don't plan to use the client closet, my wonderful assistant can show you some great options online and in store that will set your look apart. You can find the client closet lookbook here!

I also offer my clients the opportunity to work with some incredible local businesses for extra special touches during their session. I work with Parlor Hair and Makeup Studio, owned by Trina Sullivan, who is able to give my girls a one of a kind look the day of your shoot. I also work with Joy Supinski, a local florist, who can create custom flower crowns and bouquets for you to wear and use during your session. Want an extra something special for your boudoir shoot? I work with a local henna artist who can paint you with custom designs. Want their info? Just let me know!

I have a private group on Facebook, found here, that will help guide you step by step through the process.

I will also send out a questionnaire that will help me get to know each member of your family, and I'm always up for a chat if you'd like to touch base with me before the big day! I have an open line of communication with each of my clients and want you to feel like you can reach out whenever you need me.


This is my favorite part! And I hope will be yours as well. We will meet at the agreed upon location and I will start by guiding you through easy activities so that we can break the ice and get you comfortable. I don't ever want you to feel lost or like you don't know what to do next. This is my specialty!

I'll ask you questions, prompt you to play, say silly things...anything to get those genuine emotions. If your kids aren't feeling it, we take a break. I don't ever force kiddos to do anything they aren't comfortable with.  I observe the relationships you share and guide you in expressing what they mean to you through body language. There's no fuss or frills when it comes to my sessions. We don't rely on props, but rather emotions to make a statement. I hope you'll leave a session with me feeling as though your family just spent time together, glorious time, where nothing else mattered but this.


The anticipation!! 

I try and post a sneak peek on social media either the night of or within 48 hours of your session. I know you're excited and I love that you want to share! 

Within two or three weeks time I will send you an email with a link to your private online gallery, where you will see all the edited images from your session. This link is always shareable with family and friends! You are able to download your files directly to your computer through through the gallery, and you will also be able to conveniently order prints and products through my online store as well. I believe SO strongly in the importance of seeing your photos in print. It brings the memories to life and becomes a tangible link to your family's history. You invested in these pictures, and I hope to see that investment up on your walls.